A Step-by-Step Project Guide

Run high-quality experiments, no experience required

The Experimentation Field Book provides step-by-step instructions, templates, and illustrative case studies so that you can design and conduct business experiments that will move your products and services closer to market faster and with less risk.
A team innovating together at a table.
A team innovating together at a table.
Backed by experience

Design Experiments that work

Our former CEO, Natalie Foley joined a co-writer on Designing for Growth, Jeanne Liedtka, to create a handbook for running in-market experiments. The new book uses Peer Insight case studies from Nike and the Project Management Institute to illustrate the methodology.

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Assumptions to Evidence

Use this to form the foundation of your testing strategy— it will point you toward the right metrics to gather that will signal whether or not these assumptions are valid.

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Test Digest

Use this to summarize, in one page, all of the details of your test strategy and all the key decisions you've made while designing your experiments.

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5 Key Steps to Experimentation

Case Studies

Our Featured Work

The book features two Peer Insight projects to illustrate how to run in-market experiments.

Launching the Pilot for Nike Adventure Club

Creating a new, multi-million dollar, shoe subscription service for young athletes.

Bringing Digital Products from Ideas to Revenue

Piloting two new professional education products to create new revenue streams.

Meet the Team Behind Nike and PMI's Experiments

“No other firm walks the walk like you do. You actually work alongside us to stand the venture up, win customers, collect revenue, and pivot the business model in real-time.”
Head of Nike Accelerator
"You helped our team become more thoughtful, quicker, more nimble, and you helped us really understand the process of bringing digital solutions to the market, which we were able to spread throughout the entire organization.”
Global Product Manager

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